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Press Release

CES 2015: Etón Corporation Announces New World Band Radios with DAB+

(LAS VEGAS, NV – Booth #31242, South Hall 3 – January 6, 2015) – Etón Corporation (, a leading creator of high-performance, eco-minded consumer products, will be showing four additions to the Etón radio line at CES 2015. New models include the Field, Mini, the Traveler III and the Satellit, all of which celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Satellit radio. The Field, Traveler III and Satellit are the only portable radios available today that receive AM, FM with DAB+ for European customers and Shortwave radio bands. With multiple power options, these are the perfect option to use at home and for travelers looking to stay tuned in while on the go. Come by to see and hear the radios at Etón’s booth, #31242, in South Hall 3.

Satellit – Paying homage to the features that have made Satellit radios the top performers in radio reception and audio quality for the past 50 years, the Etón Satellit receives every radio wavelength – AM(MW), FM with RDS and FM with DAB+ for Europe, Longwave and Shortwave - at home and abroad, making it the ultimate travel companion. Take the news of the world wherever you go. Features include:

  • Single Sideband (SSB) and VHF aircraft band

  • A PLL dual synthesized conversion receiver so your AM signal comes in strong and


  • RDS for FM which enables users to see your favorite stations’ name, style of music and

    song title

  • FM with DAB+ for Europe

  • A Sync Detector, which lowers distortion and fading

  • Ability to store up to 700 stations

  • Line input to plug-in your favorite device

  • Local and world time settings

  • Rich orange LCD display 

  • Alarm clock, sleep timer and time backup

Field – Featuring AM(MW), FM with RDS, FM with DAB+ for Europe and Shortwave radio features, the Field boasts high-sensitivity, strong anti-interference and fine-tuning of stations, so they come in loud in clear, with low background noise and distortion. This portable radio, complete with carrying strap, has local and world time settings, alarm clock and sleep timer, ensuring you are always prepared while in the field.

Mini – This compact radio gives you access to news and music from across the globe, right in your pocket, whether on an AM, FM or Shortwave frequency. The Mini’s built-in tuner, high- contrast digital display and internal and telescoping antennas easily identify stations. The radio also features an alarm clock, sleep timer and earphone jack. Perfect to listen to the radio broadcast at your favorite sporting events.

Traveler III – The Etón Traveler III receives a multitude of radio wavelengths – AM(MW), FM with RDS, FM with DAB+ for Europe, Longwave and Shortwave. Providing four options to tune the radio including auto, manual and Auto Tuning Storage (ATS), the Etón Traveler III also boasts internal and telescoping antennas to ensure your reception is clear and crisp. The Etón Traveler III can store up to 500 stations in the memory and the rich, orange LCD display allows you to see temperature and time. The perfect travel companion, the Traveler III also features an alarm clock and sleep timer.

"We are proud to have been designing and selling shortwave radios in the United States for the past 30 years,” said Esmail Hozour of Etón Corporation. “Celebrating the 50-year anniversary of Satellit is a testament to the quality of the technology and we are excited to bring these new products to the passionate radio fans around the world."

The Etón Satellit ($229.99), Etón Field ($149.99), Etón Mini ($44.99) and Etón Traveler III ($69.99) are all available now.

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About Etón Corporation 

For more than 29 years, Etón’s vision has been to create consumer products that keep people prepared, informed, entertained, and on-the-go. Our commitment to high design, efficient energy sources and innovative technologies enables us to create award-winning products that empower you, in your world.

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