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Press Release

Eton Sound 101 - Everything You Want to Hear

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 8, 2007 – Etón Corporation’s newly released Sound 101 gives consumers a plethora of listening options. The Etón Sound 101 is the world’s first and only tabletop radio to combine digital AM and FM tuning with an iPod docking station and SIRIUS satellite radio capability. A single remote control adds to the ease of use. 

With the Etón Sound 101, our customers can listen to crisp, clear AM and FM stations, or choose from one of the more than 120 digital music, talk, news and sports channels that SIRIUS offers. Additionally, with Etón’s new partnership with Apple’s Made for iPod division, listeners can also playback their favorite iTunes while recharging their iPods. The Etón Sound 101 offers consumers the opportunity to listen to everything they want to hear. And, the Etón Sound 101’s unique design, clean, swooping lines and range of color choices make it fit into any lifestyle. 

Etón Corporation prides itself in its ability to join forces with other industry leaders, and this product is the result of an alliance with two well-respected innovators – SIRIUS and Apple. Etón is constantly pushing the boundaries of design and technology, and the partnerships it creates allows the company to remain at the forefront of innovation. 

The new Etón Sound 101 has a suggested MSRP of $250 and will be available at a number of prestigious national retailers and through catalog orders. For more information, please visit Etón Corporations website at:

About Etón

Etón Corporation is an established leader in consumer electronics audio products. Etón is always “re-inventing radio”. Its mission is to give the world access to news and information, anytime, anywhere. We strive to empower our customers with the most current information on the airwaves. Etón is a global company. Our goal is to transcend boundaries, so our radios offer worldwide access to the information everyone needs to hear.


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