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Press Release

Weathering the storm

Etón Corporation, a worldwide leader in design-driven radio and portable audio products has developed a line of self-powered radios designed for emergency use.These radios are essential for every home and office. This announcement comes at the beginning of the 2006 hurricane season.During and following a catastrophic weather event people typically have no electrical power and landline telephones are rendered useless.

Receiving information in a timely and reliable manner is a key element to staying safe during any kind of natural disaster.Etón’s line of emergency radios are specifically designed for use during an emergency.They provide the means to access valuable and potentially life-saving information anytime, anywhere.Keeping abreast of fast-moving events could mean the difference between surviving and becoming a victim. A power source that allows users to independently receive information, communicate via cell phone with no loss of battery life and have two different LED lights plus an emergency siren for an indefinite period of time is an invaluable and necessary tool.Being properly prepared for an emergency is a major factor that greatly determines the chances of survival.The hurricane season lasts six months.During that time it is possible that tens of thousands of people will be negatively impacted by hurricanes. Etón’s line of radios exceed preparedness criteria and are a must-have information tool for every emergency kit.These lightweight, feature-filled, rugged, reasonably priced radios start around $50 and are available in stores, catalogs and on the web at

Etón Corporation is the proven pacesetter in consumer electronics audio products and is defined by its objective of “Re_Inventing Radio”.By marrying the latest technological advances to sensible, highly practical designs, Etón offers a far-reaching collection of products that speaks to three main categories: Design, Innovation and Necessity.Etón is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and has offices in Berlin, Germany and Toronto, Canada.


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Etón Corporation

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