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The Super Compact, Super Global AM/FM/Shortwave Radio
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Headphone Jack

Alarm Clock

Receives AM/FM Radio

Digital Tuner

Receives Shortwave Band

Listen to the World

Worldwide listening

Tune in to your favorite local stations or listen to news and music from across the globe. With AM/FM and Shortwave bands you can hear just about everything your ears desire. 

Tuned in

Use the digital tuner to find your station and see it clearly on the high-contrast digital display. 

Antennas , inside & out

When listening to AM stations, simply rotate the radio for the best reception, thanks to the internal antenna. For enhanced FM and SW reception, simply pull up the telescoping antenna. 

Travel ready

So small, so global, so useful when you’re traveling to foreign lands. 

Time sensitive

The Mini digitally displays the time in bright orange. Wake up to the alarm clock or drift off to sleep while listening to music with the included sleep timer. To keep the radio from accidentally turning on, just hit the Lock button and rest easy. 

Travel case included

Comes with a handy-dandy carrying pouch to keep it safe in your briefcase or bag.  

Powered up

2 AAA batteries or 6V AC adaptor into the DC jack (sold separately).



4.3" x 2.7” x 0.47”

(10.9 x 6.9 x 1.2 cm)


6.1 oz (172 g)

Why does my radio shut off almost immediately after I turn it on?

When the batteries become discharged, the radio will still display the clock, however the radio will not stay on after pressing the power button. Changing the batteries to a brand new set will ensure the radio will perform once again to it's high standard. 

Why does my radio shut off by itself after 15/30 minutes?

The Mini has a sleep timer that is set to shut down the unit at the designated time in order to preserve battery life. When you power on the unit, repeatedly press the power button to see the sleep timer cycle from 120, 90, 60, 45, 30, 15, and ON. You may select a different sleep timer interval or ON. When the Mini is set to ON, the radio will stay on until powered off manually. 

Why do my batteries die frequently?

As with any battery powered device the batteries will eventually become discharged.  Different use cases will cause the batteries to drain faster such as listening to music at high volume or using the display’s backlight at its full brightness for extended periods of time.  We advise our customers to set the display at the lowest brightness to prolong the life of the batteries. To do this, press the HOUR/DISPLAY button while the radio is off to set the display brightness. This will set the brightness of the clock while the radio is on but not in use. Alternatively, you can purchase an AC adapter from Eton Corporation by calling 1-800-872-2228.