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Rugged rukus
The solar-powered, Bluetooth-ready, smartphone-charging speaker.
Empowered by music




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AC or battery powered

One touch pairing
and stereo streaming

Water Resistant and Rugged Design

Solar or USB Power

Stereo sound with 2 full range speaker drivers

USB Smartphone Charger

Harness Nature's Power

Rock the pool

Or the campsite or the trail. Wherever there’s sun, you’ve got an instant party. Connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth® enabled device and start blasting your favorite tunes in stereo sound. Our super-efficient solar panel powers both the music…and the fun.

Go wireless

Stream all your music from any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or computer and control your tunes from your device. No wires. No docks. No hassle. With one-touch pairing you’ll be jamming in no time.

Get powered up

Rugged rukus’ incredible solar panel generates massive amounts of power to play your music all day long. When it gets dark, the internal lithium battery will keep the music going for 8 hours*. Or you can use the micro USB cable with your smartphone charger for non-stop entertainment.

Way to charge

Thanks to the USB port on the Rugged rukus, you can charge your favorite mobile device while you listen. Now that’s super smart…and convenient.

Start a rukus

With two full-range speaker drivers, the Rugged rukus delivers crystal clear audio with stereo sound.

Tunes on the trail

With its lightweight, durable design and carabiner-ready loops, it’s perfect to take on your backcountry adventures, just hook it on and hit the trail.

Make a splash

The Rugged rukus has an IPX-4 splashproof rating2, so it’s ideal for taking camping, to the river or the pool.

1 – Drop-proof from a height of 3.3ft (1m). Drop protection varies depending on drop conditions.
2 – Water resistant to IEC 60529 IPX4. It is not waterproof and should not be immersed in water.



6.5” x 5.9” x 1.8“

(16.3 x 15.1 x 4.6 cm)


1.6 lbs (0.73 kg)

What if there is condensation under the solar panel?

Sometimes when the Rugged rukus is exposed to water, a small amount of water may condense between the clear polycarbonate solar panel cover and the solar panel itself.  This may appear like small blotches on the solar panel.  While this is a cosmetic issue it is not a performance issue and you can rest assured that it will not damage the product.  There is, in fact, a second water barrier formed between the solar panel and the electronics chamber below.

If you allow the Rugged rukus to sit in the warm/hot sunlight the water will eventually evaporate from between the solar panel cover and the solar panel with no harm being done to the speaker.

How do I pair my Etón speaker to my PC?