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Satellit 750
AM/FM-Stereo / Shortwave / Aircraft Band Radio with SSB (Single Side Band)
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Two Alarm Clocks

Headphone Jack

Receives AM/FM Radio

Auxiliary input for additional audio devices

Automatic Tuning Storage

Digital Tuner

Receives Aircraft Band

Receives Single Side Band

Receives Shortwave Band

Listen to the World

When you want full shortwave capabilities and a classic design, choose the Satellit 750. A 360-degre rotating AM antenna enhances the radio's ability to pull in weak AM signals. You can listen to AM, FM , SW, LW, SSB and aircraft band frequencies, and you can program in up to 100 of your favorites for each band. You can also connect your MP3 player for even more listening choices. Hear what you want to hear.

Features include:

  • AM, FM, Aircraft Band (118-137 MHz) and Shortwave (1711-30000 KHz)
  • Single Side Band (SSB)
  • Auto/Manual/Direct frequency key-in and station memory tuning
  • Auto Tuning Storage function (ATS) for FM/AM
  • 1000 station memories (each band 100 memories, 500 customizable)
  • Dual alarm clock function



14.65” x 7.24” x 5.75” (W x H x D)

372 x 184 x 146 mm (W x H x D)


7.1 lbs. (3.22 kg)